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Arttu ”Breathingman” Lipsonen has a 20 years of experience in coaching individuals and company personnel. He is one of the leading breathing and stress management coaches in Finland facilitating events and individual sessions both face-to face and online. After successful career in business and sales he has proven with clients that individual change for better is doable. Learning new skills with right techniques, attitude and resilience, big changes in physiology, mind and deeper aspects of human being is possible. Arttu himself first became a succesful artist without any formal education or drawing skills. Then his intensive quest for happiness and peace for himself slowly led him towards traveling around the world, gathering experience and skill in breathing, stress management and spiritual realms and finally coaching others on this field. Nowadays he works as a breathing and stress management coach and is collaborating with top specialists in the field.

Arttu is a certified Oxygen Advantage coach, Stress management and Mind Coach and has certificates in Integral Hatha- and Meditative Yoga. Arttu has developed his skills e.g. in Mexico, USA and Himalayas in India and by training with many internationally recognized experts in the field: Patrick McKeown, Harri Gustafsberg, Misha Sakharoff, Wim Hof, Govinda Niranjan, Tom Das among others. Breathingman events and sessions are effective combinations of western science, eastern wisdom and personal experience. Simple, deep and brings results. He has also a university masters degree in international marketing.

But why breathing? 

”Well, breathing brings great results. That’s why US Navy Seals do it. Some clients want to experience better health, performance and concentration at work. Most of the people simply want to feel better wiith life and get better results. Others need tools for relaxation, better sleep quality or stress management. Charasteristic to my work with clients is simple tools that really work. I mostly use techniques that are backed up by science and but most importantly my own experience, so called street knowledge. You will experience the power of breath already in the first session. If you ask me, regular breathing practice, being relaxed and fasting are the best things you can do for your immunity and health on the long run.” -Arttu-

Individual coaching

Individual coaching happens online via Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp or face-to-face in Tampere Finland.

a) Breathing coaching

b) Stress management coaching

c) Fasting coaching

d) Combination of all three above form the Breathingmanprotocol tailored to individual needs

Prices: 150 € per session 1,5 hours, 3 sessions 400 €, 5 sessions 650 € (Paypal)

First session consists of screening of your current situation and then starting individually tailored program according to your goals. (Breathing, stress management, water-/dry fasting)

Companies – Group Events

Breathing and Stress management events and programs for groups,  personnel and company management boards in Finland and internationally.

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Customer feedback

“Brainfog and difficulties to concentrate disappeared within one week just by changing my breathing patterns. My sleep quality improved a lot only by swiching to nasal breathing on the night. I recommend Breathingman for all but especially if one has work related stress”

-Otto Lindh, Real Estate Manager-

“My breathing was quite shallow and mostly chest breathing. I got quick results and my whole breathing pattern has changed. When I want more energy, I do a strong exercise and when I want to relax, I do more gentle techniques. Stress levels have dropped, I sleep better and exercising at gym and at jogging trail has become more enjoyable. In short, daily breathing practice has improved my life quality enormously. Thank you!”

-Mapu Narvinen, Coach